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Project management


Project management is a highly sought-after field that is all about handling resources, finances and organising project-related documents. This is how teams ensure a project’s timely execution and success.

VIRTOA offers you a team that can build or finish your personal or professional project. We appreciate the uniqueness of each and every project so we are here to consult you and help you to design and create a future for your idea.

· Allocating tasks, responsabilities and goals
· Improving organisation and strategy
· Increasing efficiency and productivity
· Optimising and rationalising
· Minimising project risks
· Monitoring and Reporting

Product Management

VIRTOA can help you develop your product and guide you through the entire experience.
Our role is to analyse the market, develop and prepare the product, help you create the pricing, and present you with a full vision of the strategy and marketing plan before positioning your product and targeting your future customers.

• Aligning Market Needs
• Reducing Risks of Product Failure
• Segmenting and Positioning
• Creating Value
• Roadmapping

Brand management

The strategic brand management is all about the improvement of the brand perception, recognition, retention, value, customer loyalty. VIRTOA has experience in working with both new and experienced brands. We can help your brand or company create a unique presence in the business world.

• Facilitate Team Work and Collaboration
• Bring Awareness
• Strenghten Market Position
• Build trust

Event management

VIRTOA can organise or coordinate your event. We work on a wide variety of events, incl. festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts. We will discuss your idea and develop it to its full potential.


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