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Product Management


The first step of the product management is researching and brainstorming. Analysing the market and gathering information for existing products that are similar to yours is very important part for the product’s success and can help us avoid project failure. Researches are mainly focused on the target market, on our direct and indirect competitors and what are the customer’s need and desires are.
Brainstorming and organising all the ideas that we have, using them SWOT analysis can help us choose the most powerful and realistic ideas we can achieve.

A tip that VIRTOA’s team can give you in advance is to answer in one sentence the following question:
How do I want people to talk about my idea?


Now when we have all the information needed and we have the product’s vision, we can proceed by building the strategy that will define the steps we plan to execute to meet the product’s vision over time. We need to work on a roadmap using different platforms and defining the business’ goals and objectives, the product areas, the features of a product, the key performance indicators (KPIs) and to prioritise all the tasks.

Product Creation

Here, our clients should either start producing the product on their own. VIRTOA’s team can coordinate you during the process of creation by giving you advices for best results before the final release.

Testing & Feedback

In this part we are going to test the product and see if it matches our expectations and see if it needs improvements before fully releasing it on the market. It is possible to send it to brands and companies in order to receive a strong feedback on the product. Another option is to test the product with random customers to see how they find the experience of using the product.


Every product needs a constant improvement that is why VIRTOA’s team will be following the product’s growth and development and will help you to make changes and improvements to your product or to the strategy whenever it is needed.
Our main focus during the product management process is optimisation, efficiency and flexibility.


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