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In this step, the brand or the company has to identify and define their values so that our team can understand the vision of the brand before start working with it. These values should be in coherence with the strategic planning process that we are going to propose. The main focus should be on keeping the same spirit and values of the brand but following the strategy of our team. That is how our defined objectives and goals could be achieved.


Brand positioning is all about designing the company’s image and proposal to the the world so that it distinguishes and occupies a main and valued place in the customer’s mind. It is about convincing others that the brand is a lot more that the other brands and companies on the market and it has a lot more to offer. That is also how the customer gets to know the various associations linked to the brand.


The implementation process is all about the marketing strategy of the brand for an effective presentation on the market. We are going to make it acceptable for the customer by designing the essential elements of the brand. Some elements of the brand include a logo, symbols, images, and slogans. By using the brand elements, we are going to promote the brand on the market. Our main goal and focus is creating a strong and unique image of the brand that would strengthen the position on the market.

Result Analysis

In this part we are going to analyse the performance of the brand or the company on the market by using different digital tools and platforms. We are also going to analyse the results from the marketing campaigns and define if the processes were successful. That is how we are going to decide our next strategic step for the growth and the development of the brand in the short and long term.


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