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Research and Goals Setting

The first step of building an event is the research and the goals setting process. Together with our project managers you will define the exact idea and goal for your event. There are some questions that need to be responded in advance in order to define the budget for the event, the date, and about how many people are expected to attend. After that the team is about to set a list with the objectives so that it can be used to measure the success of the event later on.


The second step includes designing the event and brainstorming. Together with our team you are going to work on the concept and the flow of the event. We need to choose the right venue and the most qualified staff for the event. Working on the theme and the schedule in details would ensure the success of the event.


An event with clear goals and objectives would be easy to be branded – define the the event logo, colours, and imagery and what the guests can expect. Our project managers are going to propose you promotional materials – invitations, cards and posters to bolster the brand and get people talking about your event. We will use the online advertising tools to work on the campaign bin advance.?


To amplify this stage of organisation we use the 3 Cs (Communication, Cooperation and, of course, Coordination). In this stage,  we are going to work on the planning and the schedule. We are going to separate the tasks between the team members and prepare a schedule list. It will include each component of the event with a clear start and finish time and which person or group of people is responsible for each part of the event.


In the last part, we are going to follow the event to ensure all the expectations wanted. After that we are going to evaluate the whole process and ask for a feedback. That is how we are going to know if we met every single criteria and expectation from our clients.


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