Stages of Website Development


Published |February 1, 2022

The website development process can typically be broken down into 5 stages:

The first step is to define the goals for your project. This includes specifying the purpose and the vision of the website, its target audience, future content and potential competition.

Next step is to discuss all details of the future site. Here we determine the content structure and the technical functionalities as well as decide the project scope.

The forth stage is to ensure the client’s requirements after completion of the web project. Various types of testing and optimising of the website functionality and performance are carried out in this phase. When we are sure that the site runs smoothly with proper functioning and absence of any errors we can finally move safe to the last step.

The final step is launching the website but even after that there is still more to be done. Website maintenance, which includes general updates, adding or editing features, fixing bugs, etc., is inevitably and might be called for. The matter of maintenance as the final stage is to support your project over time and help you sustain a competitive edge.

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